Mar 19 2011

An aftermath (2011), for flute, clarinet, cello, and piano

Score: An Aftermath

Written: 2011

Performed by: Ensemble Transmission

Performed at: von Kuster Hall, Music Building, the University of Western Ontario

Program Note:

An Aftermath (2011) is a musical symposium of pandemic caused by a man-made disaster.  The fast opening section represents a final bombardment to end the war of all wars.  This section is loosely based on the final section of Gustav Holst’s Mars from The Planets, and Marche du Soldat from Igor Stravinsky’s L’histoire du Soldat.  The slow second section represents a close look at a virus that is free to culture and infect already suffering human lives.  This section is in three parts which is based on the mortality rate during the Spanish Influenza (1917-1920).  Listen for the slowly ascending “scalar” passages that represent increasing viral activities.

For an audio, click on the link below:

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